Who is Carmita?

  • Carmita brings humor to your audiences!
  • She's been on the receiving end of being bored to tears in meetings and events. She believes having fun and learning should always go hand-in hand.
  • This is what motivation speaking is: High Energy, Laughter, Interactions, Customized Talks.
  • Let's use the relevance of your business acumen to transform your corporation!


Which Topics?

  • A Business thrives or takes a nose dive by the efforts you place on Education. Getting it right simply let's you be great!
  • ALL aspects of business can quickly shut down if you don't reinforce learing and education at the core
  • Carmita uses her 20 years of exertise in Workforce Development to bring professional and relatable mix that rejuvinates souls
  • Engaging! Entertaining! Education!

A Bit More Reading if you are Having a Sleepless Night!

Along with my public speaking engagements, I work as a Graphic Designer; and as an Instructional Designer and Trainer at a major Healthcare IT company. I graduated high school with a 4.0! You’d think that would have been astonishing, but there were more than 20 graduates with GPAs higher than mine – GAH! With no money for college, over a 7 year period, I held jobs as office janitor, postal service employee, hotel maid, cashier, waitress, cook at Chic-Fil-A, and boy did my customers love my food, and bartender over 7 years. At 24, I finally convinced a HR Manager I would do a fantastic job in their Call Center, and was hired as a customer service agent for a major wireless company, Verizon Wireless.

I was thrilled and determined to work my way through higher positions. I did for 15 years and there I held positions as Technical Support Agent – yes I fixed phones – people are BRUTAL when they don’t work, Technical Support Trainer, Technical Support Supervisor, Quality Control Manager, and finally Instructional Designer. My professional speaking career began as a Technical Support Trainer, Quality Assurance Manager, and continued through my work as an Instructional Designer.

As a Quality Control Manager, I was responsible for ensuring a call center of 500+ employees changed behaviors to improve customer contact interactions to drive revenue.

I conducted calibrations and training regional Care Centers to standardize practices and to effectively navigate online through and tangible tools and resources. I ensured exceptional quality delivery from front-line call center representatives to customers in order to provide customer satisfaction. I monitored Customer Satisfaction Transactional Surveys to promote a positive customer experience. Facilitating meetings with call center employees and leadership was standard practice. In my time in this role we won the JD Powers and other Customer Service awards for 4 years in a row. I account this to many of the programs I implemented in the organization.

In my role as an Instructional Designer at Verizon Wireless I was responsible for developing training to ensure we exceeded revenue goals for products and services, devices, and systems due to executing clear and concise curriculum designs using various learning environments (instructor led, webinars, e-Learning, etc.). I created and delivered online trainings, created and scheduled instructor-led trainings, video-led trainings. I held meetings with project sponsors, training teams, and stakeholders to manage the delivery of learning content to make my case for project scoping, goals, deliverables, resources, budgets, and timing.

Around year 13, I married a serial cheater and emotionally abusive man and lost my way. It was in this haze that I stopped being as focused on my career and made careless mistakes. They no longer wanted in the organization. Shortly after this, I knew I had too much to lose to stay in an abusive relationship. It's hard to understand how a professional woman falls prey to abuse in the home, but it happens. I have much to share on this and know it will serve to help others. I ended my disastrous marriage and began to reclaim my life!


Icommitted to completing my college bachelor's degree program. Verizon Wireless did not require traditional education for promotions so I never saw a need to get my degree until they let me go. It was then I decided to pursue my creativity and find a field that I could easily monetize. The lesson I learned in being let go from a corporation, is you have to have other streams of income. I build logos, websites, and event flyers, and photo for customers as a freelancer. Rebuilding my career started by me accepting a job as Quality Control Analyst in a Home Improvement Credit Company and then after a year of finally landed as an Instructional Designer/IT Trainer at a major Healthcare Solutions Company and Learning new things has never been a problem for me, and you better believe it was challenging to learn all about front and back end hospital revenue cycle. It took me about 3 months of study, but I mastered it and teach internal and external customers how to use the software. I design and develop training manuals, reference guides, and interactive online training simulations, LMS administrator, among other job duties. I also travel the domestic U.S to hospitals and clinics to teach the company product solutions to their managers, administrators, and staff. I'm also responsible for training our trainers on our IT Systems and getting them to deliver complex content in ways that ensure knowledge retention.

After receiving many positive reviews on the consultation and training sessions, I knew I needed to become an Entrepreneur. Enter my Public Speaking business! I’m happy you stayed around to read my story and I have many stories to share at your conferences. I’m the best person you’ve never met and you will never be disappointed in my performance.In my 20+ years working for two fortune 5 companies I have learned what they do to get and keep customers. My key areas of expertise is Customer Experience and Learning and Development both of which ensure customer retention. Plus, I am pretty funny and enjoy running my mouth.

Let's work together to make sure your organization keeps the customers in the business!


Make Bold Moves to Help Have More Positive Reflections! Recommit to Your Strengths. Someone once said you get better at the things you’re good at, by working to be great at them! Inspite of what "THEY" did to you, you Find what your're good at, Identify your strengths. Surely, you can identify then and then find a way to Monitze them. I here many stories of people doing just this, I even heard of someone say that they were good at lying and they parlayed this into a million dollar career. You Got this! Do the Thing! Master the Thing! Make Money Doing the Thing!




    Carmita is fantastic. Her stories are spellbinding and raw and funny and completely relevant. Her honesty and ability to connect with individuals even in the biggest crowd is a very rare commodity these days. Carmita is easily relatable and her messages are impossible to forget. Lisa E

    Carmita presentation was nothing short of a amazing! She speak with such compassion, very funny, and engaging. Also very interactive. Looking forward to her next speaking engagement. Nick W

    Carmita’s work ethic and professionalism were always top notch. Ann